Research Into Contemporary Thinking Concerning Theism

OK . . next section of my personal research. I really appreciate the input I received from everyone in my last inquiry, although I wish more people would have participated.

What specific objections do you have theism . . . not just Christianity, but any for of theism in general. I know some of the “brethren” will object to the question, and I’d even welcome hearing those objections as well, because that in itself gives me some insight.

This is a personal project and your participation will be a great help to me, and untimately many others. At least that is my hope.

You can be specific, general, short or long. I absolutely will not be confrontational over any input. That is not my objective. Unless you specify that you would like me to answer you, but nevertheless, that’s not my reason for this inquiry at this point.

So, to restate the question:

What objections, disagreement or issue do you have yourself, or does anyone that you are aware of, have concerning theism (belief in God of any sort) and/or Christianity?

I am really looking forward to the responses.  Please refrain from entering into a debate with anyone who answers this question.

Make your responses in the comments area below.

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5 Responses to Research Into Contemporary Thinking Concerning Theism

  1. Pastor Jack says:

    Copied from Facebook.

    Micah Seiler

    well i dont really have any objections 2 theism cuz I believe in God…in my opinion, most people who object to theism 1. do not think they need God so dont really care 2. would rather not believe He exists because if He does He may have commandments and things that they wouldn’t like

  2. Pastor Jack says:

    Also copied from Facebook

    Matt Tonello

    I don’t either. That being said, My brother’s number 2 point is correct. I wanna try to maybe add to that if I can stay coherent : ) Enough knowledge of the truth and a sinful nature has led to fear/refusal on a base animal level(sinful nature) that an angry God with burdensome commandments and endless penance will only receive a few elect, therefore it is unattractive and unattainable to even your common sinner.(Or so they hope.) So I don’t think its an aversion to theism that most folk have. It just there are so many people who are angry that believe that God is angry too. All the time angry. To the unbelieving theism is either elusive or a lie and they won’t go any further for fear it isn’t a lie, its too hard, or that maybe…just maybe God loves them and wants to heal them and we all know a sinful nature don’t want that. That is why knowledge with out wisdom is so dangerous and sad, heart breaking. Basically every faithless person is a James 1:8 “schizo” unless I have taken that out of context. I dunno I’m ranting and listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra cranked to 11. I am basically brain seizing. LOL

    • Pastor Jack Seiler says:

      Thanks Matt. I will be digesting all of the input I am getting from the questions I’ve been asking. Ultimately I am planning on writing a book . . or two or three . . on several different aspects falling under this one subject.

  3. Ginnette Tonello says:

    In my experience, many of the people who do not believe in God tend to take issue with the incompatibility of Scripture with “science” (ie evolution), but that is only a cover reason much of the time. A certain person I know now – an atheist – has said that growing up in a “christian” home with parents who are horrible examples of such, has turned him against God. That is a sad state, for this person knows about God and who He should be, but looking at his parents’ example it has shown him that God is not important, not Someone to be bothered with. After such terrible circumstances, it will take nothing short of a miracle to change his belief, and he is only 18 years old. So while some are afraid to believe in Christ because there are “rules” to follow, many atheists and such have been scarred by the effects of either pretend Christians, or of Christians who are out of God’s will. I think a little of that is why that same old question keeps rolling around – “If God is so loving, then why does __________ happen?” Because they were hurt – by people who claim to be God’s children – they come to equate that with being hurt BY God. This isn’t just present day, either; they like to bring up old hurts that may or may not have even been done by Christians, like the Crusades, the Inquisition, the White Man coming to America…the list goes on and on. They don’t understand that people – regardless of their beliefs – are wicked, and after their own gains.

    In short, they don’t understand LOVE.

    And by they, I mean both those who performed evil acts (whether in the name of God or not), and those who were the recipients of those acts.

    • Pastor Jack Seiler says:

      Thanks Ginnette. I will be digesting all of the input I am getting from the questions I’ve been asking. Ultimately I am planning on writing a book . . or two or three . . on several different aspects falling under this one subject.

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