Pavlov’s Dogs

The Bill of Rights was not written to restrict American citizens in their treatment of one another, but to restrict the American government from oppressing its own citizens. And the right to bear arms was the guarantee these rights would be observed. To Destroy the second amendment it to take away the teeth of this guarantee and destroy the entire document. The ignorance of the sleeping American people has taken decades to orchestrate and is an amazing accomplishment. And it is a real shame to know that these words will fall on deaf ears. We the people have been treated like Pavlov’s dogs, and the majority have proven the success of his experiment.

Pastor Jack Seiler

About Pastor Jack Seiler

Born September 2, 1956 Married to the most wonderful wife God ever gave any man . . June 23, 1979 Saved by the grace of God . . December 19, 1981 Father of three boys . . grown and married. Grandfather of 4 . . 1 boy, three girls. One more on the way Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church . . Collins, NY
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