“It is in vain oh men that you seek within yourselves a cure for your miseries. All your insight only leads you to the knowledge that it is not in yourselves that you will discover the true and the good. The philosophers promised them to you and they’ve not been able to keep their promises. They do not know what your true good is or what your true state is. How then could they have provided for you a cure for the ills which they have not even understood. Your principle maladies are pride which cuts you off from God and sensuality which binds you to the earth and they have done nothing but foster at least one of these two maladies. If they have given God for you for an object it has been to pander to your pride. They made you think that you were like Him and resembled Him in your nature, and those who have grasped the vanity of such pretensions have cast you down into the other abyss by making you believe that our future is like that of the beast of the field and have lead you to seek your good in lust, which is the lot of the animals.”

About Pastor Jack Seiler

Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, Collins, NY
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