Need God? What if I don’t?

Need God? What if I don’t?

There are four issues that one cannot come to terms with outside of God. These four issues are begging for definition all the time, but cannot be answered outside of God.

If you say you don’t need God, you may as well say “Laws? What if I don’t need them?” What if I don’t believe them? Scientific laws? What if I don’t believe them?

Climb up to your roof top and jump. See if your unbelief in the law of gravity made it unimportant. You didn’t break the law, you broke yourself.

  1. Outside of God there is no reason for being  (Creation . . . Beginnings . . . Where did I come from)
  2. Outside of God there is no purpose.          (Purpose . . . Why am I here?)
  3. Outside of God there is no moral law.        (Behavior . . . How do I live?)
  4. Outside of God there is no hope.                (Destiny . . . . Where am I going?)

The naturalist/atheist makes the claim that we are all a cosmic accident. Just time, plus matter, plus chance. And at the same time they will bring up the problem of evil. But what does evil really mean in a mechanistic universe? How does one define what is evil unless you first assume what is purpose? Every definition of evil is based on an assumption of purpose. That life has essential worth; that life has essential destiny; that life has essential direction. So when you start talking about the holocaust and claim this ought not to have been done, this “ought not” implies an “ought” which assumes that there is a purpose and a direction for that individual life.

People ask questions sometime because they like to be a nuisance. Hence Jesus is asked, “Is it alright to pay taxes to Caesar?” The question was actually disingenuous.  Because there was no follow up question.

Jesus took a coin and asked whose image was on it. The answer was “Caesar’s.”

When Christ answered “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s,” the next question would have been “What is God’s?” And the answer would have been “Whose image is on you?”

God give us the greatest compliment when he says you are created in His image and likeness, because He, in this statement, gave you the greatest intrinsic worth. Sacred!!

Your Life is sacred.

Your Time is sacred

Your Property is sacred

Your marriage is sacred


And when you dismiss God you also dismiss all that makes your life sacred and ultimately make life unlivable.

The very first commandment was not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This simply meant that man had no right to define of himself good or evil. And as soon as this one law was broken, Moses had to come up with 613 of them.

The smoke detectors in the restrooms on an airplane have a list of warnings: do not disengage; to not tamper; do not disconnect batteries; do not cover; etc etc etc.  Why not just say DON’T MESS WITH THIS? Because you’ll always get some smart guy who will find a different definition of the word “mess.”  Like the guy who said “I depends on what your definition of “is” is. This is what happens when you destroy the sacred. You end up dying the death of a thousand qualifications.

You can try as hard as you can as an atheist to define moral reasoning . . . you cannot.

Pure reason cannot take you to morality. All you have to say is “Morality? What if I don’t need it?”

The moral absolutes that God gives us are built into the purpose of human life, not to destroy my good day, not to destroy the image of God in your neighbor.

Joseph Stalin was a seminary student preparing for the ministry. And while preparing he came to the conclusion he did not need God. Lenin himself said he feared what this man would do if he came to power. He murdered 50 million of his own people. Tortured, dehumanized and brutally murdered them.

A western reporter went to visit Stalin, and she asked him how much longer he thought he could torture his people and still expect them to follow him.  He asked for a live chicken to be brought to him. He held the chicken and systematically de-feathered the chicken alive.  He then set the chicken on the floor and picked up a piece of bread, and walk away a few steps. The chicken hobbled towards him and warmed its naked body between his pants legs. Stalin bent over with the piece of bread for the chicken and it began pecking at the bread. He then said, “Madam, did you get your answer? I tortured that chicken and it will follow me for food the rest of its life. People are like that chicken. You torture them and they will follow you for food the rest of their lives.”

There is no way, when man becomes God, that you will not dehumanize everyone else in the process.


Do you realize what Christ offers you? He offers one of the most daunting realities to begin with. He enables you to see your own heart as God sees it. It’s a glorious day when you can look inside yourself and identify who the real you is. Evil, adulterous, filled with strife, murder, jealous . . . all this that rages within every human heart.

There are places on this earth where a man can go at the end of the day and be given young children to have sex with. I have heard of this happening to babies as young as 16 months old. What has happened to the mind of the man who would want such a thing? What has happened to the minds of those who would give it to him? What has happened to the governments that would turn a blind eye and let this happen?

Before we are able to sit back and say “Evil is OUT THERE” Jesus turns to show us that it is in my heart and yours. Then He offers us the remedy for this evil. It isn’t an education or a higher degree. If you take a man that is guilty of stealing nuts and bolts from a railway car and give him a college education, he will return and steal the entire railway.

He says when you look at your own heart, there is nothing you can do to change the inclinations of the heart. It is evil.  It is the interjection of the Grace of God that changes your hungers, changes your wants, and takes away the passions for the here and now and replaces it with that with is spiritual and eternal. What is ultimately true and noble and good.  He offers forgiveness!!!!

Have you ever thought of the logic of unforgiveness? Have you ever looked at the logic of this world and unforgiveness? If you go to Gaza today you will see an unforgiveness that has lasted 5000 years.  If you have anybody right now in your heart that you have not forgiven, that person controls you more than anyone else.

Christ discloses your heart, He transforms your heart, offers you the forgiveness that only Grace can offer. God’s forgiveness and cleansing of your heart.

Ultimately the struggle to find meaning is found in one thing, and one thing alone. Its in a right relationship with God, Who discloses to you the blueprint for your existence and the purpose for which He has made you. Then your eyes see your fellow human beings the same way that God sees them. Like Jacob and Esau who had quarreled with each other and tried to do away with each other, till the grace of God met both of them, and one says to the other, I now see in your face the face of God.


Christ not only went to the cross to offer you and I forgiveness, He rose again from the dead to offer you and I eternal hope.  “Because I live, you also shall live.”

Hope for now and eternity. Because Christ has conquered the grave. I once had no hope. I now have a hope that can never be taken away.

Tell me what atheism has to offer as hope? It is empty and devoid of all meaning and value, and is contrary to the very notion of hope.


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