Human Beings or Human Doings?

There is much misunderstanding and contention when we see each other not as human beings, but as human doings.

God sees us for who we are, not for what we do. I am created in the image and likeness of God. There is intrinsic value in each Human BEING! Because of the fallen nature of man, our attention has degraded from the BEING to the DOING. A great example is the love I have discovered for my wife. My attention was focused on what she would do, how she would act and perform. What she looked like and mistakes she would make. Drove me crazy, and her as well. Maybe its just that I am getting older, but I’ve come to see who she IS rather than all the layers of veneer. Her value to me is beyond words. When I saw this, everything else . . mistakes, problems, annoying idiosyncrasies, . . . . were completely swallowed up in who she is. When God opened my eyes to this, not only did our 40 year relationship become something brand new, but the way I began to see others changed as well. Its who we are, not what we do. We are Human Beings!!!!! NOT Human DOINGS!!! Let it be. Love regardless.

For God so loved the world . . . He sees us for what we are WORTH! If your baby had a terminal sickness, what would you do? Turn your face away? Be disgusted with your baby? Or would you hate the sickness that was killing your baby? Your love for your baby would stand out even more!!! The emotions you would have would drive you to do ANYTHING for that baby to cure it of the sickness that was killing it. Even giving your own life. THAT is the love of God. He sees the value, the worth, of the individual apart from the sin that is killing them. People are people, and sin is wicked and vicious as it ravages us all . . . . . But God, Who is gracious and merciful beyond measure, when we were yet sinners, died for the ungodly. Learn from the Love of God.

About Pastor Jack Seiler

Born September 2, 1956 Married to the most wonderful wife God ever gave any man . . June 23, 1979 Saved by the grace of God . . December 19, 1981 Father of three boys . . grown and married. Grandfather of 4 . . 1 boy, three girls. One more on the way Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church . . Collins, NY
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