Brace Yourselves

I got back from the Gun rally in Albany on Feb 28th and wrote a quick post to Facebook”


People like Obama and Cuomo are evil men, but they are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing, and the rest of these career politicians who are so dead set on destroying everything America has ever stood for are following along lock step. Many millions have no intention of complying with what is happening, yet these evil tyrannical monsters are equally determined on pushing forward with speed and impunity. The line is being drawn very clearly. Bloodshed is coming. We are witnessing the death of the United States of America right before our eyes.

I received this reply
“Its a distraction… from the other moves that are being made. Nothing better than a legit distraction.”

One destructive attack distracts equally from the other. This is really the point. ALL of what these wicked people are doing is planned to maximize the damage and destruction of our nation. People like Obama aren’t simple traitors . . . he is an ENEMY at war with the PEOPLE of AMERICA. Propaganda from a blatantly dishonest and manipulative media (and I’m including Fox) fed to a public that has been conditioned for years and years through a state controlled educational system, an entertainment establishment that is not simply amoral . . it is ANTI-moral, anti Judeo-Christian and irrational. This conditioning has produced a people that look to Pierce Morgan, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher or windbags like Bill O’Reilly to tell them how to think. Oh my! Pierce Morgan made a brain dead statement with a British accent!! Must be true! Jon Stewart made some hilarious remarks during a comedic interview . . Must be true!! Bill Maher spoke a condescending insult against some conservative somewhere . . . isn’t he brilliant! Bill O’Reilly rudely cut off a guest while interviewing him . . see! He’s right!! I recently saw a post on Facebook that pictured an anti Obama bumper sticker and the scathing retort was “You people really need to grow up.” Wow . . . heavy argument here. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights . . ” When a people have been so completely stupefied that that which is “self-evident” is no longer deemed important, something terrible and evil has happened. The very principles and evidential framework of the character of man, created in the image and likeness of their Creator, has been dismissed as foolish and irrelevant. And as society crashes and burns in its foolishness and filth, the fools continue to point at the very moral and ethical principles that made this country great and cry “See what these backwards policies have done to us?! We need to reject them even more!” The irrational gibberish is infuriating. Paul Revere cried “The Red Coats are coming!” There is a new cry being heard by some . . . “The White House is coming!” To Arms!!!

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Born September 2, 1956 Married to the most wonderful wife God ever gave any man . . June 23, 1979 Saved by the grace of God . . December 19, 1981 Father of three boys . . grown and married. Grandfather of 4 . . 1 boy, three girls. One more on the way Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church . . Collins, NY
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