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I am very pleased to announce that New Hope Baptist Church has launched a web site! Content is still being added but it is looking good and I trust will prove to be helpful to many people.

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I am the senior Pastor at NHBC (The guy on the right). Pastors

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Walk With God?

Genesis 5:22-24
(22) And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:
(23) And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:
(24) And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

Here it is worthy of notice that the sacred writer says once that Enoch “lived;” but he changes the word and writes Enoch “walked with God” thus teaching us that communion with God was Enoch’s life, and truly so it ought to be ours. He was not a mere talker about God, but a walker with God. This holy patriarch lived in unbroken intercourse with the Lord for three hundred years, not now and then visiting with God, but habitually walking with him. This is a point of great difficulty. To draw near to God is comparatively easy; but to remain in undivided fellowship, this is the work, this is the labor. Yet the Holy Spirit can enable us to accomplish even this. Continued communion is what we should aim at, and we should not be content with anything short of it.

Hebrews 11:5
(5) By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

It can be seen that it “pleased” God Enoch as Enoch “walked with God.” According to Hebrews 11:6 that without faith it is “impossible” to please God; therefore walking with God is a matter of FAITH. Scripture is always interpreted according to what it says about itself . . . in other words, the Bible interprets itself. So, what does this indicate walking with God consistently requires? Faith. And what does this mean?

Amos 3:3
(3) Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

To walk with God, one must agree with God. Not just in mental ascent, but in the evidence of the life

Hebrews 11:1
(1) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Go then . . and walk with God!

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What is it to Pray for Our Leaders?

1 Timothy 2:1-2
(1) I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
(2) For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

The prayers are specifically for a quiet and peaceable life in godliness and honesty. Yet when God’s people are living loud and riotous in all ungodliness and deceit it appears that our God is left with no choice than to be Who He is. The responsibility for the downfall of America rests on the people of God. An apathetic, self absorbed, world hungry, deceiving and being deceived, people of God!! Forgive me if I sound negative, but if someone doesn’t point it out fearlessly and stand their ground there won’t be any point of reference for believers to turn to as the darkness swallows the world.

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The Replacement of the Cross and the Commission

For over 150 years the church in America was strong, and a force for good around the world. Biblical morality and principles (If not Christianity itself) formed the basis of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the Gospel was freely proclaimed from sea to shining sea, and missionaries were sent out to the four corners of the Earth for 2 centuries. However, even according to the examples we have in the Bible, the very prosperity that God brought us has been our downfall through ingratitude, pride and self deceit. The churches and the Christians that make them up have lost sight of the Cross and the Commission and have replaced them with the world, self and entertainment. It is also clear that when God’s people have fallen to this place throughout history that prosperity is robbed, freedom is lost and persecution is inevitable. The history of the Body of Christ teaches us that Christianity has flourished the most under tremendous persecution. I believe it is upon us in America. I believe the attitudes and priorities of the Christians in America are about to be readjusted!!! And the phonies who call themselves “Christian” and are not . . . are about to be exposed.

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Do You understand?

It is difficult to impress upon some individuals their need of the new birth in Christ, because they are so easily offended at the thought that anyone would question them on their merit to deserve heaven. They feel insulted!

They thought is, “What makes you think I am not going to heaven?” “I can’t believe that you think that way about me!”

I would counter that assertion trying not to be insulting, “What makes you think that you are?”

The real motivation in asking someone if they have received Christ as their Savior may have the appearance of being negative or insulting, but the opposite is actually the truth!

“All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” We all stand in the same condition … lost and broken, dead and separated from God, with no ability to atone for the crimes we have all committed in our lives. Most times the question of salvation is brought up and found offensive because the offended party wants to believe that they are good enough, religious enough, right enough, and perceive that their righteousness is being brought into question, and they want you to believe the same about them. Actually, the question is raised to prompt one to question themselves . . not because the questioner thinks badly of them. If the questioner did not care they would not be asking at all. The fact of the matter is that nobody is good enough! NOBODY can do enough to escape the penalty of their crimes (sins)! You may very well be much nicer than and not as bad as others, generally speaking. But ALL have sinned. There is no escaping that.

“The wages of sin is death . . . ” The penalty for sin is death, not doing good things or trying to live right (Ephesians 2:8-9 … 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.). Not being baptized or joining a church, (Titus 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us,) or anything else! The penalty is death! And the penalty must be paid!

The actual presentation of the love of God is found in the giving of His own Son to shoulder the penalty for us. In doing so He is able to offer forgiveness of our sins because the penalty of death has been paid in full. Justice has been served in our behalf by One Who had no penalty to pay for Himself.

This forgiveness is offered to ALL! “. . . WHOSOEVER believeth in Him . . . ”

Without personally receiving this forgiveness through faith, one is ALREADY condemned!

John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

1 John 5:12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

So, to ask the question “Do you know where you’re going when you die?” or “Have you made your peace with God?” or “Have you received Christ as your Savior?” or some variation of that, is not a matter of being insulted, it is a matter of deepest concern to the one who has asked you. Concern for your ultimate well-being and destiny.

Whether or not you choose to believe and accept Christ is another question, but please understand the motivation of the person asking. They have shown great compassion in that they are acting in accord to what they believe to be true. They believe that if you do not receive Christ that you are bound for an eternity in the fires of hell. They aren’t making any kind of claim to be more righteous or better than you . . . simply that they have a deep desire to see you enjoy the same forgiveness that they have received because it is freely offered to anyone that will accept it.

Therefore I ask you . . . . Do you know for sure where you will spend eternity? Have you received Christ as your Savior? Will you go to Heaven when you die? Are YOU saved?

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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The Distortion of God’s Masterpiece

Satan demonstrates his intense hatred for God in the brutality he is inflicting on man who is created in the image and likeness of God. Seeking to mar and distort the beauty of God’s masterpiece both in the horrific suffering of unimaginable anguish we are seeing around the world and growing at an alarming rate here in the USA, but also in the terrible distortion of the minds of human beings which have been so Satanically deceived into inflicting such evil upon others.

Some have asked “How can God allow such things to happen?” I respectfully suggest that this misses the point completely! The question should be framed quite differently: “How could any human being do such things?” How could any human being crucify or behead a child? How could any human being slaughter the innocent?

We question the morality of God in the face of our own depraved behavior, and in our self-deception elevate our own baseless morality above His.

The entire world is sinking into chaos and irrationality while viewing it like a movie in some twisted form of entertainment. Like detached observers in a different dimension.

God DOES see, God DOES care. God IS just.

We reject Him on a daily basis and then wonder where He is when we think He should be there to prevent of change the behavior of someone else! For someone who has come to know God through Jesus Christ and walks with Him on a daily basis, the incredible workmanship of God in the soul of man is seen, even through the corruption, evil, and wicked destruction that Satan has brought upon man, and he awaits the promise of Christ’s return to carry out the justice His Character demands.

I pray it is soon. But even if it is not, my faith has found a resting place!!

Has yours?

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Status Quo Christianity

In each generation, those living in it see themselves as the measure of normal. Whether it is social, political, cultural . . and yes, even Christian living. And today’s generation of Christian has taken this cultural revision of real Christianity to a new level.

As we examine the personal lives of real Biblical Christian people from centuries past, that which passes for “Christian Living” today bares little to no resemblance. Looking to Scripture and the description of the lives of our early brethren, they would be completely bewildered at the spectacle of this Laodician Christianity.

Sacrifice, giving, service, suffering, witness, faithfulness, plainness, humility, honesty, simplicity, doctrinal soundness, charity, church, sensitivity, depth, these things were realities in personal Christian life and there was a desire to be deeper with great aspirations for true holiness and spiritual growth every day. That was a Christianity that made a difference. And in some parts of the world there is a revival of this very thing, But here in the west . . and western culture in general . . . there is a strange, even alien, picture of Christian life.

I could talk about the plastic, thick make-up, deep cleavage, giddy touchy feely Christianity that sputters and drools all over television; or maybe the Pharisaical stuffed shirts who claim holiness consists of wearing the right clothes and not playing cards. And all that nonsense has its place under this same subject heading, but I want to say something about a different type that is more subtle, but just as non-historic and unbiblical as the rest.

There are a great number of “nominal” Christians who just want to maintain. Maintain their comfy family with their comfy job in their comfy nitch . . . or they are desperately in search of the place where they can have that comfy life. Its seems that many western Christians with their families has this idea that the “church,” Christ and Christianity in general has the express purpose of making their lives comfy, happy, and conflict free. Oh, they wouldn’t say this outright; they may have the right answers, academically. But their complaints, pursuits, motivations and objectives . . . along with their life styles . . . say otherwise.

There is no real sense of personal sin or rebellion. No deep aspirations for spiritual improvement or winning the lost or self-examination. Only efforts to make life more comfortable, convenient and socially satisfying.

Persecution and the loss of “comfy” is heading down the tracks towards us like a freight train and I believe the real Christians will be forced into a position of identifying themselves by their behavior.

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I love a good reasonable conversation. I enjoy reading about reason and listening to reasonable speakers. I am currently writing several books (one at a time of course . . . I just have several ideas already planned) and they are as well reasoned and thought out as I can muster. Yet as I examine the world around me it appears that reason is an endangered and rare art that is increasingly becoming irrelevant. For all the big words that are thrown around in the public arena, it is obvious they are used for psychological response in emotions only. Easily steered public opinion!

I recently entered into a discussion after making the following post on FaceBook:

A point of interest to me is the contradiction within most atheists and even agnostics. They directly and/or indirectly claim to have a corner on reason, yet seem to be irrational and highly emotional when confronted with reason contrary to their supposed conclusions. Then, in turn, they are unwilling to consider and forcefully ignore the point.
Man cannot survive as man without an ultimate anchor and reference point for what he calls “reason.” Dismissal of dialog does not justify any position of this great a significance, and when eternal gain or loss is the proposed outcome of reaching or not reaching a reasonable conclusion, refusal to consider the possibility of a loving God in Christ Jesus based on emotional disappointments is not only intellectual suicide, its just plain dishonest.

I was answered by someone I have known for quite a few years and have respect for. Amy is an atheist. I feel compelled to record this conversation here. Her response is as follows:

As an atheist it seems to me the practicing religious clans do exactly the same which u ponder upon. According to – well, you – man cannot survive as man without an “ultimate anchor” — really? Says- you? I have considered the reason behind my decision as well as sat in the pews of many a church throughout my life so far — listening — and thinking – and have drawn a conclusion to abandon the cult of “religion by human stories” and “I know it all” sermons that dictate that there is only one way – I respectfully ask how do you with you human capabilities know? Or how do u decide u have the authority to tell everyone else – “this is THE only way?” Maybe it is the religious that stubbornly judge the atheists as shallow and ignorant who think they have all the right ways/answers.

What follows from here is my answer thus far. I divided Amy’s response into sections to answer one at a time.

Amy Lang North
As an atheist it seems to me the practicing religious clans do exactly the same which u ponder upon.
Pastor Jack:
**No doubt. Willful ignorance abounds in every corner! That is another subject I have taken aim at and am happy to address. Christian apologetics has been around for a very long time but it seems to me that the “rank and file” Christianity of today is largely shallow and unstudied. However, this willful ignorance is not confined to Christians. But for now, here we are . . . and I am glad you have taken interest in making some very thoughtful points.

According to – well, you – man cannot survive as man without an “ultimate anchor” — really? Says- you?

Pastor Jack:
**Well put and a good question.
Actually no . . . this is not simply only according to me. But please allow me first to clarify and complete what was said. “Man cannot survive without an ultimate anchor and reference point for what he calls ‘reason.’” This is not just an isolated view from little old me. This is a philosophical argument that has been around for a very long time. And it is playing out in the world around us in an undeniable fashion.
All reasoning is based upon underlying presuppositions. Have you ever listened to two contrary positions debated? Both individuals believe, within their reasoning, that what they believe is right and rationally sound. Both individuals had a starting point from which their reasoning process began. Yet because these presuppositions were different they came to contrary positions. For most, it is not because their process of reasoning was right or wrong but because their presupposition was right or wrong. Certainly, some have defective reasoning, but that is a different story from what I am addressing here. Starting from an absolute brings unity, meaning and purpose even in diversity. It gives man a “rallying point” if you will. How we arrive at an absolute I will discuss latter on.
In the world around us we have seen the process of the dismissal of the moral absolutes (which is a very broad statement, I know, but I will define later as well) of God as the presupposition in reason. As this has happened we have seen before our eyes the destruction of the United States and chaos in the world . . . . which is escalating at break-neck speed. Confining my focus on America, the divisions are multiplying and have become diametrically opposed and irreconcilable and increasingly hostile one to another. Each position, such as pro-life/prochoice; liberal/conservative; Democrat/Republican; Sodomite/Straight; etc. etc. etc… has a line of reasoning which each one separately regards as completely sound, yet the conclusions are totally opposed. I’m not here to argue for or against any of these positions right now (though I certainly have my positions firmly ensconced). My objective here is to point out that the presuppositions in each line of reasoning determines the conclusions.
So, in answer to your first objection I state once again: Man cannot survive without an ultimate reference point and anchor for the process of reason. He will, ultimately, destroy himself. And I am not an isolated voice!
I have considered the reason behind my decision as well as sat in the pews of many a church throughout my life so far — listening — and thinking – and have drawn a conclusion to abandon the cult of “religion by human stories” and “I know it all” sermons that dictate that there is only one way

Pastor Jack:
***Being the Pastor of one of those churches you attended for a short time I am deeply ashamed of myself as a Pastor and teacher and sorry that we left you in such a questioning position and added to your lack of satisfactory answers. I must take responsibility for missing the mark in ministering to your intellectual needs. This is not an excuse, but it is a very difficult task to find a balance in reaching those who are simple and would neither be interested nor able to follow what I am talking about right now, and those who have the need to be satisfied with further depth. I don’t want to sound insulting or discourteous to anyone, though at times I am taken this way, but some people enjoy swimming deeper than others. The beauty of the Gospel is that it can and does satisfy the simplest mind of a child and meet the intellectual needs of the philosophical giant.
It appears from what you have said here that one of your presuppositions are becoming apparent. The phrases, “Religion by human stories” and “I know it all” sermons” seems to be coming from an underlying position that man in some way discovered or invented God and/or that Christianity is just another man made mythology. I certainly understand the thought, because I also took that position at one time. I am wondering if you are more of an agnostic than an atheist. Are you saying that God does not exist? or that God is not knowable?
If you are saying He does not exist, the same burden of proof rests on you that you would ask of the theist. If you are saying that he is not knowable, I believe you are correct from our present human perspective. Unless God reveals Himself and His will we are left with a God Who is unreachable and unknowable. From my perspective, knowing that there IS a God is a logical conclusion based on the evidence of existence itself. Knowing Who He is and what His mind is, however, is another matter altogether.
As I said . . . unless He reveals Himself and His mind! This is something else that needs to be addressed here . . . and I plan on it.

– I respectfully ask how do you with you human capabilities know? Or how do u decide u have the authority to tell everyone else – “this is THE only way?”

Pastor Jack:
A very intelligent agnostic (I think he would categorize himself agnostic at any rate) person very close to me once said that he believed it was arrogant to think that we have figured out God and what He wants. It appears that you are coming from the same direction. If his statement were true concerning the basis of Christianity I would whole heartedly agree. But the reasoning is based on an erroneous premise. Here is where I want to pull together the thoughts I have proposed. I hope you don’t mind the length of what I am going to attempt to discuss.
First, simply stated, Christianity is not man reaching to God to discover Him or figure Him out. It is a revelation of God TO man! It is not man in his pride and strength dissecting God and testing Him in a tube on his philosophical bench. Man CANNOT know God unless God reveals Himself to man. It is God condescending to man to seek and to save that which was lost, revealing Himself incarnate in the Person of Jesus Christ . . . Crucified and risen from the dead. I intend on expanding this thought but wanted to state it here for the sake of keeping the direction of the given knowledge of God in focus. The direction of the knowledge is from Him to us, not from us to Him.
As for there only being one way…..
The teaching of exclusivity is not confined to Christianity. Without going into long drawn out details, even the atheist claims exclusivity. So I suppose the same question could be leveled in your direction . . respectfully. Even those who claim there are no absolutes make a self-defeating statement in their claim. In reality, every line of reasoning is making the claim of an absolute whether they like it or not.

First let me deal as briefly as I can with the claims of Christianity and why, outside of the proposed authority of the Bible (which I also shall discuss), they are intellectually sound and exclusive of all other positions.
There are 4 questions that need to be dealt with in the minds of every human being.
1. Origin (where do I come from? . . and everything else for that matter!)
2. Meaning (Why am I here?)
3. Morality (How am I supposed to live?)
4. Destiny (Where do I go,, if anywhere, from here?)
These are questions every human being who has ever lived and thought has had to cope with.
These four questions need to be answered in two ways in order to meet universally satisfactory standards:
1. Every question must correspond according to truth; either by empirical form of measurement and/or the logical reasoning process. (It must make sense)
2. When these four questions are answered, the answers must cohere and not be incoherent. (They must work together and not be contradictory)
Correspondence and Coherence
I guarantee you that ONLY in the Judeo/Christian world view will you find these four questions answered with corresponding truthfulness and with the coherence of a world view. And these answers have stood the test of time an adversity being as relevant to man today as they were thousands of years ago.

All of the world views in existence can very basically be grouped into three categories: (All positions can be categorized under one of these headings)
1. Only the universe exists (Naturalism and Atheism)
2. Only God exists (Eastern religions and spiritualism-many forms but they all boil down to this)
3. Both God and the Universe exists (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)
It is relatively easy to subject each of these categories to the above tests. Number three is the only position which passes these tests. Then we examine the three positions contained within the third category with the same criteria and discover that Christianity is a continuation and fulfilment of Judaism, and the third, Islam, destroys itself in its own contradictory nature of the god it proclaims and the self-evident nature of the intrinsic value of human life.
I realize there is much that can be detailed by way of shared questions and dialog here, but basically stated in examination of one’s presuppositional standards this is how one comes to a factual position to start with.
What is happening in the system we are now seeing overtake and destroy what we have come to know and enjoy in life is the replacement of rationally sound suppositions with emotionally based motivations. Facts are no longer considered . . . just how one feels about it. Truth is no longer a matter of thesis/antithesis (if one is true the opposite is false), but a supposed matter of synthesis. But even the proposition of “synthesis” is disintegrating into this post modernistic cesspool. Truth has become a matter of opinion and force. Life has no intrinsic value because the only thing that sets human life apart from insect life is the posit of man being created in the image and likeness of God. The emotions we have as human beings are reduced to meaningless electro-chemical functions accidentally falling into place in a mad dance of atoms. To say to your wife or child “I love you” has no more value than saying “my back itches” or “I have a headache.” Both are nothing more than hormonal secretions and the functions of a machine. Man cannot and does not live this way. He assumes that love, ethics and some form of morality have value but without something to GIVE it value it is an empty romanticism with nothing to refer to for a coherent reason.
I love my children and grandchildren and I know you love your children. Do you not understand that it means nothing if there is no God? I know why I love them and I know what its value is. Do you?

On to the nature of revealed truth from God.
First the nature of revelation is not just propositional, it is embodied . . . it is incarnated. But I would like to deal with the propositional side because that is really the point at hand. It is a very important issue because on this hangs just about everything the Christian believes, and it is shameful to know that so many Christians don’t possess the understanding to articulate it.
There is something about the enscripturation process that is very important. Because truth is primarily a property of propositions. When you look at the Bible, it is a very distinctive book. Unlike Buddha’s teachings, which are little sermons of Buddha. Or the Koran, which is the utterance of one man and the compilation of it posthumously. This takes 66 books from about the mid 1400’s BC all the way to the first century; 29 in the Old Testament, 27 in the New Testament, and there is a single thread going through all of it. The collusion factor would have been impossibly incredible to bring this about. For example, going back to the prophecy of Isaiah, writing 700 years before Christ, to talk about the virgin birth, Micah speaking of the city where He would be born, Zechariah talking about the way the Messiah would ultimately be crucified, take these writers most of whom were not contemporaries, talking all of the converging lines of evidence, the hundreds of prophecies, and bring them into the Person of Jesus Christ . . . it would have taken an extraordinary stroke of genius to retroactively bring all of that to the convergence of one single Person! If falsification were possible you would be able to do so rather quickly. That has been attempted by many over millennia but to no avail. Even the supposed “new” documentaries and arguments in the latest books are nothing more than old rehashes of debunked attempts from the past.
(Just a quick side note: it is very interesting to note that so many who have set out in an attempt to disprove Scripture have actually become believers, and there have never been any death threats to those who seek to malign the Bible. Yet the thrashing of the Koran by authors like Salman Rushdie, which rather conclusively discredit Islam and its not-so-holy book, end with proclamations of vicious death to both him and his family. Can you imagine if a trash book and movie like “The Da Vinci Code” come out concerning Islam? The Islamic zombies would go into meltdown mode faster than they are now.)

After 2000 years of Christ’s incarnation, and 3500 years since the enscripturation process began, no book has been more studied, no book has been more scrutinized. No book has changed the lives of countless millions. No writing of any atheist has changed a drunkard into a saint. No book written promoting atheism has lifted a broken man from the gutter and set his feet on solid ground. NO atheism has given hope to the hopeless or purpose to the destitute.
I will bring you 1000 men changed and made right by the Christ of the Bible if you can bring me 1 saved from a life of broken sin by atheism.
Yes . . . I am deeply sorry that these truths were not presented clearly or to your satisfaction in any of the churches you attended . . . including my own. I take that seriously to heart. But rejecting God, specifically Jesus Christ, because of these lacks of answers really didn’t change anything in your life. Pains were still there . . . life was still happy one minute sad the next . . . answers were still absent . . . purpose was still transient . . . death is still imminent . . . and ultimately all that you hold dear has no intrinsic value or meaning.
I know that there are many more question that cannot be answered in one discussion, and it is not possible to address every objection that would arise while reading this. However, I am more than willing to continue exchange in dialog. I feel that I have failed you in my responsibilities as a minister of the Word of God, and if you . . . then how many others? If nothing else I am being spurred to be more concise and address the needs of the soul with more awareness.

Maybe it is the religious that stubbornly judge the atheists as shallow and ignorant who think they have all the right ways/answers.
Pastor Jack:
I will repeat what I said in the beginning . . . no doubt that unjust judgment abounds and is in no short supply in every corner. May God help me not to do what he condemns. It is only because God has revealed what is right that anyone can know it and be definite about it. God has the right answers . . . and the real arrogance is in rejecting what He reveals.
And ps I do enjoy reading what u write bc ur writing do give me things to think about.
Pastor Jack:
You have always been nothing less than respectful to me Amy. I appreciate that . . . not everyone is! Lol. I hope that what I have laid out here is understandable and also gives you food for thought. It is my wish that you would truly come to know Christ as Lord and Savior and find the relationship with Him that He so deeply desires to have with you.
There is so much more I wanted to say concerning the inspiration and recording of Scripture, but this has already taken me many hours to write and I need to rest.

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The Death of Reason

Something I have noticed that I just need to say. To a greater and greater degree, people are becoming unable to reason. Communication is an exchange of ideas. Yet what I see across the board is the rejection of context without consideration of content on the basis of pretext. When this is the case, vitriol is the response to any opposition to ones preconceived opinion, and the result is an ever increasing strife and contention. It rarely ends well.

I’m mainly speaking of the liberal mindset, but unfortunately there are many conservatives who have arrived at their position without much thought as well as liberals. I will say it is MAINLY a liberal sin, because emotional rhetoric is actually a part of the liberal characteristics. Reason is all but dismissed from the shambles of the liberal mind.

Its of great interest to me how that the true Bible believing Christian has an actual standard to base his or her moral and ethical position on, which also offers a standard and foundation to approach government, politics, and public affairs with a rational and legitimate presentation and argument. Liking or disliking any position is secondary to the truth and rational argumentation, and the bottom line is that without God as the starting point reason itself crumbles to relativism and ultimately animal sensuality and brutality.

In the resurrection of Christ from the dead, the power and relevance of the love of God was displayed to all mankind, and to dismiss this is to ultimately reduce all of existence to meaninglessness.

I wonder how many will even take time to read this and think?

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Judging Our Judgement

In the brief but significant conversation recorded between Jesus and Pontius Pilate, we read of Pilate asking Jesus, “Are you a king?” We can well imagine the sardonic grin planted on the face of this puppet in the hands of Caesar, inquiring into the kingship of this Jewish carpenter.

Jesus responded by questioning Pilate’s question, asking, in essence, “Are you asking this on your own or has someone else set you up?” This method of questioning the question was repeatedly used by Jesus with very good reason because it compelled the questioner to open up within his own assumptions.

Pilate was somewhat exasperated by this seeming insolence. “Look,” he answered, “I did not bring you here – your own people have done that.”

Then Jesus answered “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

Pilate said “Ah . . so you ARE a king!”

The response of Jesus discloses Pilates real predicament. He answers in the affirmative – “Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

The answer was both subtle and daring. The fundamental problem Jesus was exposing to Pilate and to the rest of the world in not the rarity of available truth; it is more often the hypocrisy of our search. Truthfulness in the heart, said Jesus, precedes truth in the objective realm. Intent is prior to content! The most proactive statement Jesus made during that penetrating conversation was that the truthfulness or falsity of an individual’s heart was revealed by that persons response to HIM. The implication was uncompromising. He was, and is, the truth. What you do with Him reveals more about YOU than it does about HIM.

Pilate served as a perfect illustration of Jesus’ point. He muttered, “What is truth?” and never waited for an answer. I suspect he knew the answer but was a power-seeking slave to the system and to his own political ambition. Pilate really desired no solution – he merely sought an escape.

(John 18:28-19:16)

“Can Man Live Without God” by Ravi Zacharias
pg 97,98

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